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So we are half we through the week which is a good thing because I need to sleep a ton on Saturday. Seriously, the media hustle is real. Feeling a need for some soul, I had to brush up this classic by Womack & Womack. It’s called ‘Baby I’m Scared of You’, from their 1982 album titled Love Wars.

The funky bass, tight conga drums and airy lyrics are just right to get through the day ;D



I’ve got D’angelo’s to pretty much thank for my recent soulful appetite. His new track ‘The Charade’ is killing it right now.

If you like versatility then Aminu is your guy. His music is a hybrid of soul, pop and several flavours of Latin music. If you’ve been knocking around Dubai long enough then you would have certainly seen him perform at several of the big music fests. Right now he is working on some new material which he is keeping tightly to his chest and online!

‘All The Way’, is a classic composition with very minimal features. Though one of his older RnB tracks I feel it really showcases his talent and potential.

You can check out his more recent Afro beat party jammer ‘Shake’ at the bottom if you are in need of some Friday night material:)

Official Facebook Page here


If you’ve been following us here at Wazzos you would’ve spotted that I’m a huge supporter of Jason Jermaine. The man is one of the realest people you will ever meet in the London urban music scene. Fact! Going by his latest moniker, Jodie Abacus, his latest single,’I’ll Be That Friend’, is slowly catching steam on the airwaves.

Sounding what could have been a collaboration between the Beatles and Stevie Wonder – Jodie Abacus delivers a punchy heartfelt performance, that would lighten up a rainy day. Definitely a feel good track for the summertime. We salute you, mate!

Check it out below

Something a bit on the alternative side.

Solana Rowe, otherwise known as SZA is a bit of an odd ball in the contemporary neo-soul scene. Her music is often described as alternative RnB, mixed with minimal soul, hip-hop and chillwave. She cites several of her influences, including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Billie Holiday and even Wu-tang.

‘Teen Spirit’ is quite an ethereal piece exploring the concepts of the many stages of abandonment and desperation.

Have a listen.

The video is also full of hipster cool too.


I was happy to see a couple of familiar faces at salsa on Friday at Casalinda.It always helps me blow off some steam after a long week.

Unfortunately, the BBQ event at the Sarius Palmetum, was a bit dry. We got to spot for 5PM and the food was still not ready with very few people in attendance. We blew off into the night for a drink at Traffic an hour after.  Hopefully, it kicked off much later in the evening.

Going with something light today. This is  a rework of a classic Brit soul track from Loose End’s called ‘Feel The Vibe’.

Definitely to be played with your feet up drinking something cold.


Africa is rising creatively so keeping up with her new artists can be a struggle.

Today I’m going to share some music from one I’ve been sitting on for a bit. His name is Silas Miami.

I discovered Silas a year ago and was hooked. His boisterous personality and  wild confidence can easily be misconstrued as arrogance when he takes to the stage. Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Silas is a photographer, actor and singer/songwriter. The creative hustle is real.

Often pigeon holed as a neo-soul artist with African roots, Silas is quick to point out that he is still experimenting with his music and is wary of labels. His latest track, “Harder”, is a haunting melody which assaults your soul.

I’m also a big fan of his laid back jam sessions in Cape Town called Sunday Sessions, where he takes the time to perform songs from some of his favourite Kenyan artists that have inspired him on his journey. Expecting great things from this guy.



If you like your soul music well done, then you should be on a steady diet of Rahsaan Patterson. The man is a musical savant. Though he never experienced the same success as his peers such as the likes of D’angelo and Maxwell, he has always been credited for his unique sense of musical direction and his fanatical fan base that has given him cult status.

Feeling charitable he has decided graced us with one of his demo tracks from 1996 when he recorded his first album with MCA. It never made the cut but it is certainly nothing short of perfection. 100% Abuja terrace music!