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Inner Monologue:

“I wonder whether I should get a crown or a tiara when I declare myself King of the Gambia.”

“I can’t wait for the confetti!”

Jean Bedal Bokassa would be oh so proud..


Nigerian action movies are somewhat considered like unicorns. They quite frankly do not exist. When you look at it from a purely business standpoint – why should I spend money on producing an action flick when I can easily churn out BBM Babes and Insta Chics for half the time & money? So that’s it. End of discussion.

However, a dialogue has finally started that could be a game changer.

Fight scene is the debut of film-maker Korexcalibur’s. It’s his directional debut showcasing the capability of Nigerian filmmakers to do a fight scene that could be from any standard action film. Please note that this is not a movie but a demonstration of what can be done with the right direction.

It’s not perfect but it’s certainly capturing the imagination of people online. Let’s hope it evolves into a movie 🙂

Check  out the video below.


Street art is a novel concept in a city like Abuja. The most graffiti you will come across is a roughly done painted phrase saying “not for sale” or “do not urinate on this wall”. However,some artists have flexed their muscles writing and drawing in chalk paint, religous wordings and proverbs on huge rocks scattered across town. At least it is a step in the right direction.

Graffiti is fundamental to the artistic development of a city’s urban culture. From the streets of New York to the Streets of Tokyo, graffiti is everywhere and ready to chat.

The Os Gemeos brothers, twins from Sao Paulo, are well known for their unique yellow skinned characters in their style of graffiti.Together, they combine cartoon imagery with social political issues and tradional brazilian folklore in their art. Hip – hop culture has a clear influence on their work as well. It would be interesting to visualize what Nigerian graffiti would produce. Thoughts?




Research in Motions’s (RIMM) Playbook, a 7-inch tablet with Wi-fi connectivity, arrives April 19. Three models will be made available and vary based on internal storage capacities, 16, 32, 64 GB. Rim has set the price at $499, $599, and $699, respectively. RIM has lined up more then two dozen retailers that will carry out the tablets.

Though competitively priced, Apple lovers will spot out the lack of applications and a lower 1024X600 resolution than the Apple Tablet. But tablets can’t be judged on specification alone; user experience and even the portability of the device are factors to consider.

The device supports on-screen multitasking, so a video can be playing while you can be fiddling with another application on another screen. End users may find this a distraction having multiple apps running at the same time which begs the question of its competitive advantage.

RIM has all the right strategy when it comes to pricing and availability, but it still needs to fit the remaining pieces of the puzzle. One thing is for sure, Wazzos is definitely getting one!


Meet my new squeeze everybody. The Capresso Ultima Espresso. This nubian babe eliminates any inconvenient steps associated with conventional espresso machines. No more complications with tamping, hot filter holders, or cleaning and rinsing of sieves. Just fill coffee to your liking (7 to 15 grams) into the machine, turn and pull the coffee lever down, and switch on the pump. Within seconds, your espresso is ready. 😉


The mind of man and nature, thus meet and join
Which from the side of Aso Rock I beheld
Rise up before me,follow to in turn
By sundry others, whence I will select
An image,living pictures to embody
This delightful argument.

It was a cold blue moon when chance we met
Adorned in the autumn winds,at your beckoning
Ten Thousand waves crashed in our presence
Overwhelmed in your cavarnous being
Then silence, all the mountains seem’d so quiet
And then the dream is gone from me.

It’s another day in ABJ and I swear it is getting colder. A friend of mine in Kaduna told me how he has to layer up like an Eskimo to brave the mornings. Global warming anyone?

Went to my local Zenith branch today and indulged in my usual gladiatorial style of vying for the attention of a cashier to cash my check. Honestly. The counter to customer experience is ridiculous. The opaque marble interior, humongous counter and notorious lack of line-policy in Nigerian banks makes it a free for all at the counter, which only leads to pandemonium and favouritism. And another thing, why is it so rare to find happy cashiers? Is it is me or do they all look like they are on the verge of going loco and whacking(shooting) anyone in site. Tis a tough job it is.

Today’s finds for the eve is a track from the 80s from Howard Johnson called ‘Lets Take Time Out’. Blissful funk laden synths with an ultimate sense of abandonment when the weekend comes riding through. Rated 18 for funk lovers



Not that much traffic but noticed this sweet Honda motorcycle. The biker is clad in leather and jeans. The Quintessential look. The helmet looks pretty sturdy to. I’d want a bike one day. Ideally a Harley. Jimi Hendrix would understand.