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The sort of religion I only practice.

The Father (The Club/Party)

The Son (The DJ)

And The Holy Ghost (The Groove)

All is well.



So we are half we through the week which is a good thing because I need to sleep a ton on Saturday. Seriously, the media hustle is real. Feeling a need for some soul, I had to brush up this classic by Womack & Womack. It’s called ‘Baby I’m Scared of You’, from their 1982 album titled Love Wars.

The funky bass, tight conga drums and airy lyrics are just right to get through the day ;D


Feeling a tinge of nostalgia today before work starts. It was great to be a kid in the 80s. I swear, we had the best cartoon shows to date. She -Ra, Dangermouse, Voltron, and M.A.S.K just to say a few.

Tell me Thundercats didn’t change your life every time it popped up on the tele. *Hands in the air*.


Stumbled upon this dancehall riddim that references a few well known lines from the series before the bass absolutely mashes it up. Turn up your speakers for maximum enjoyment.

No details on who it’s by so far but feel free to shoot me some info if you come across it.

#junglecats #moves #abuja


In need of something chilled to tuck into tonight.

Include Dornik, to your list of British artists to look out for. This smooth crooner, a former drum player for Jessie Ware, expertly mixes, pop, electronica, and RnB in interesting ways. ‘Something About You’, his new single, is carousel of West Coast influenced electro-soul. Envision low riders, sun kissed mansion and pools of a turqoiuse nature being spun together. You can definitely feel some early MJ thrown in for good measure to give it that extra spice vocally.

Definitely hitting the bliss point.


One of the more popular Nigerian commercials from the 80s. I use to have a maddening crush on the joy girl in the video. I wonder where she is?

When it comes to future funk, nobody does it quite like Jamie Lidell. The English born resident of Nashville has never failed in delivering gut moving soulful hooks over seductive experimental productions. His latest track ‘You Naked’ is from his self titled album ‘Jamie Liddell’ out Feb 18/19.

Not a 100% on the trench rocking throwback but the track is definitely sub-zero slick!


Chau.Akwa Zafi in the FCT!!

I got to take my hat off to Funkineven. Stevie J the man behind the alias continues to disintegrate dancefloors with his distinct sound in the emerging genre of future funk.

‘Phone line’ is another one of his power team-ups with Swedish soul diva Fatima. The heavy bleeps and sexy drum patterns coupled with Fatima’s agent provacateur vocals ups your temperature by three dials. Hope you got a towel.

Forthcoming on Eglo Records.


The TGIW is here so its time for some real hip hop and not that Louis Vutton carrying stunner shades “swagger de ginger ” stuff you hear at the Sharwarma spots and clubs. We know the boys work hard for their money and all, but we have some hip-hop standards to adhere to. You dig?

Terminator X by Public Enemy is still one of the maddest Hip-hop LP ever pressed. Chuck D and Flav utterly go to the cleaners on this one,cunningly sampling the theme from ‘Flash Gordon’ done by Queen. A 10/10 to kick off the weekend with.

Vanessa williams, well known for the show Desperate Housewives and being the first black-american woman to be crowned ‘Miss America’ is a jack of all trades. Having courted a music career which panned out in the 90s her artistic notoriety was in the 80s at the height of her position as a fashion icon.

Her LP ‘The Right Stuff’ is a solid rnb/funk 80s tune with a stylish music video that resonates the energy of this period. A frequent caller on Wazzos vinyl decks. So..(licks lips)…voulez-vous venir avec moi?


Lets take it up a notch. The boys at CitiNite present Sexual Harrassment ‘Give It To Me Hot’. Sexual Harrassment was started by radio DJ Lynn Tolliver whilst he was working at MCA Records. They were probably the raunchiest but shortlived funk/punk groups of the early 80s. To do their tracks justice, CiteNite procured their artists who are synonymous with a sex-driven funk attitude to either cover or reinterpret the originals of the group. C’est formidable!