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Keeping up with the latest dance moves from Africa can be seriously exhausting. One moment you are on that Azonto tip then you wake up the next day to find out that Skelewu is what’s hot at the moment.

Thankfully, de centre de danse urbaines au Sengal, have put together this cool A-Z of African dance moves that are reigning.

I’ll be working on my Coupe Decale and Flekele this weekend 😀



Africa is rising creatively so keeping up with her new artists can be a struggle.

Today I’m going to share some music from one I’ve been sitting on for a bit. His name is Silas Miami.

I discovered Silas a year ago and was hooked. His boisterous personality and  wild confidence can easily be misconstrued as arrogance when he takes to the stage. Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Silas is a photographer, actor and singer/songwriter. The creative hustle is real.

Often pigeon holed as a neo-soul artist with African roots, Silas is quick to point out that he is still experimenting with his music and is wary of labels. His latest track, “Harder”, is a haunting melody which assaults your soul.

I’m also a big fan of his laid back jam sessions in Cape Town called Sunday Sessions, where he takes the time to perform songs from some of his favourite Kenyan artists that have inspired him on his journey. Expecting great things from this guy.



Man, is it hot today in Abuja.

But on that note, nothing puts a smile to a face like the sound of TGIF 🙂

Today we are going to be taking a dip in the Funk 45 bin for some rare groove sounds. This gem is called ‘Grease Wheels’ by a band called Smokin Shades of Black. Very little can be found on this group which is sad as the horn section on this track is to die for. Raw energy. No frills.

So get to body stepping ;D

44 Good morning true believers! Apologies for the long hiatus. I’ve been occupied with making awesome TV content in an insane environment. It’s been one heck of a ride this year but we are back. So let’s kick this off and return on the path of audio enlightenment.

Of recent I have been listening to a lot Brasilian music. Perhaps this is a mental carry over from the recent world cup or my way of coping with the rainy season in Abuja city. My sojourner led me to come across a group called Wagon Cookin: two siblings dedicated to their passion for good music and food. Their admiration for Latin music lead them to pack their pots and pans in Madrid and venture to Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) to learn more about Brasilian music. Their style has often been identified as a healthy mix of soul, jazz, latin, brazil, funk & house. Check out the track from one of their earlier albums called 70s Samba below. It’s the sort of sound that keeps you pulsating and shuffling your feet all the way into the earlier hours of the morning. Now that’s how I like my Saturdays served:)


Nigerian music just keeps getting bigger – eclipsing the music scene in Africa. With artists such as Genevieve D’Banj, and P-square on the international circuit – it comes as no surprise that there is little foreign content played in Nigerian clubs. And that’s fair enough. Nigeria is rightly nurturing its music industry the way India did for Bollywood.

This proves tuff for those in the alleged minority looking for diversity in music on the radio and clubs. Even so, nothing beats watching a big German woman go wild to P. Square feat. J. Martins ‘E No Easy’. Happy days!

The video sticks to the ‘old faithful’ model. Chicks, fake money being splashed about, and a sports car that is most definitely on rental for the next few hours. Chai.