Neo soul renaissance man, Maxwell has finally returned with a new album.

After releasing Black Summers’ Night in the summer of 2009, he promised his fans that it was the first part in a trilogy of albums. After seven years after the first part, the this album will also mark the 20th year anniversary of his debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite.

When asked about his album in an interview with ESSEENCE, he said:

“I’m so hyped about the new album coming out, which is so exciting for me, because it’s fresh and it’s different, but it is what I do. It doesn’t make you feel like, oh, yeah, that’s going to come out in 1996. You’re not going to feel that. At least I hope you don’t. (Laughs.)”

One of the singles of the album ‘1990x,’ has been released in a form of a lyric video.  The song is meticulously crafted with a huge catchy hook, sultry sentiments and his signature falsetto voice.

If this track is any indication, part II of the Black Summers Trilogy has been well worth the wait.