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Looks like we did it Nigeria.

Post election and we are still in one piece(ish). One for the history books!

Things are looking good for future funk producer, Onra. His next album ‘Fundamentals’ is set to be released in May. I’m a big fan of his stuff as he is a master of reworking underrated gems from the 80s.

Teaming up with rapper Daz Dillinger and the ever cool and groovy Olivier Daysoul, ‘Ridin’ is a fresh spin on the west coast sound that we all know and love from the 90s.

Driving around with your top down and sunshades are well advised when playing this record.




So we are half we through the week which is a good thing because I need to sleep a ton on Saturday. Seriously, the media hustle is real. Feeling a need for some soul, I had to brush up this classic by Womack & Womack. It’s called ‘Baby I’m Scared of You’, from their 1982 album titled Love Wars.

The funky bass, tight conga drums and airy lyrics are just right to get through the day ;D


Happy New Year Folks!

Hope everyone is having a great start to 2015.

Last year was a bit of roller coaster which left me with little much time to attend to the blog or even organize a follow up to our new night called Tropical Soul in Abuja. More info on that coming soon.

My New Year resolution? Find more time to relax and post up stellar sounds. Let’s hope I stick to it.

Let’s get started.

If you are like me who loves a good guitarist then you will appreciate the artist I’m about to mention. His name is Jesse Johnson, the once lead guitarist of the infamous 80s funk band out of Minneapolis called The TIME.

Once said to be equal if not better to Prince, he never quite made it as a solo artist. However, he does have some hits to his name such as ‘Be Your Man’. Here is him performing it live on a radio show 20 odd years later. No lip syncing – no auto-tune – just him and an overexcited presenter jumping in the shot.

Get it.


The 80s had alot of famous singer/songwriters throwing down classic tunes on the tables of their fellow contemporaries.

Now no matter how much of an MJ fan you are, if you know your 80s you will admit that Prince had it down so far as it came to songwriting. One such ocassion was when Prince wrote the song ‘Wouldnt You Love To Love Me’, a romantic 80s funk love ballad which was originally meant for MJ on the Bad album. MJ for whatever reason rejected the song which consequently ended up on the lap of the beautiful songstress/novelist from Minneapolis, Taja Sevelle.

The video glows with the feel good factor of the 80s. Uber flailing 80s synths and jamming saxaphone melodies.MJ missed out on this one.

There is just something about 80s music that begs for sampling. The age of funk, pop and electronica is seen as the epitome for artists to emulate and aspire towards.

Jason Jermaine is a preacher at the church of funk. Based in London, he has been on the music scene spreading the groove through his tight vocals and awesome production. He rose to cult recognition with his songs ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Hug,Kiss and Touch’. Possessing inhuman stamina his shows are a must see.

His new single ‘Love Machine’ is simply mojo tuneage. Look out for this man, for the funk is strong with him!