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hot kitchen

London based crooner, Jason Jermaine has been a busy man. His new EP, The For Real Life Not Pretend,  is a clear indication of his persistence to keep true to his soul music roots, paying little or no attention to the mainstream.

The video for the single, Hot Kitchen, has a thumping bass-line with Coca-Cola bottom shaped bottles and other suggestive sexual innuendos parading around.

Sure to keep the audio appetite of any R’N’B connoisseur happy.




pm dawn

2016 has been  a brutal year for the passing of iconic culture stars.

I’m still trying to grapple with the death of Prince. Sadly, I got the news of the passing of Attrell ‘Prince B’ Cordes, one of the co-founders of the rap duo called P.M Dawn.

For those of you who can fondly remember the early 90s, P.M Dawn was a permanent fixture on the radio waves. They were the first black hip-hop group to top the Billboard 100 with their single “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss,” which hinged on a sample of Spandau Ballet’s classic “True.”

P.M Dawn went on to achieve critically acclaim with some of their albums and inspire many other artists of contemporary hip-hop such as Outkast and Tribe Called Quest. 


I’ll really miss Prince B. He made it cool to be weird – a trait i can identify with. Its a shame he had to die of diabetes but its also serves as a painful reminder about how short life is.

Underrated but certainly not forgotten.




Neo soul renaissance man, Maxwell has finally returned with a new album.

After releasing Black Summers’ Night in the summer of 2009, he promised his fans that it was the first part in a trilogy of albums. After seven years after the first part, the this album will also mark the 20th year anniversary of his debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite.

When asked about his album in an interview with ESSEENCE, he said:

“I’m so hyped about the new album coming out, which is so exciting for me, because it’s fresh and it’s different, but it is what I do. It doesn’t make you feel like, oh, yeah, that’s going to come out in 1996. You’re not going to feel that. At least I hope you don’t. (Laughs.)”

One of the singles of the album ‘1990x,’ has been released in a form of a lyric video.  The song is meticulously crafted with a huge catchy hook, sultry sentiments and his signature falsetto voice.

If this track is any indication, part II of the Black Summers Trilogy has been well worth the wait.



44 Good morning true believers! Apologies for the long hiatus. I’ve been occupied with making awesome TV content in an insane environment. It’s been one heck of a ride this year but we are back. So let’s kick this off and return on the path of audio enlightenment.

Of recent I have been listening to a lot Brasilian music. Perhaps this is a mental carry over from the recent world cup or my way of coping with the rainy season in Abuja city. My sojourner led me to come across a group called Wagon Cookin: two siblings dedicated to their passion for good music and food. Their admiration for Latin music lead them to pack their pots and pans in Madrid and venture to Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) to learn more about Brasilian music. Their style has often been identified as a healthy mix of soul, jazz, latin, brazil, funk & house. Check out the track from one of their earlier albums called 70s Samba below. It’s the sort of sound that keeps you pulsating and shuffling your feet all the way into the earlier hours of the morning. Now that’s how I like my Saturdays served:)

Hello Abuja/Naija/World,

Thought we kick off this Ramadan month with a track from the great rhythmic revolutionary, Idris Muhammad.

Recording with jazz legends like Ahmad Jamal and Grover Washington, he earnt a reputation for his distinct RNB syncopations to jazz. As a leader of a band he recorded classic cuts such as “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This” and “Booggie to the top”.

Check out his romper stomper of a disco -soul groove, “turn this mutha out”. Pure class:)

Enjoy and happy Ramadan!


Summer-Summer-Summertime. Which means more love and greater tuneage.

(Ex) X factor contestant and vocal misfit Misha B is definitely one to watch out for this summer. Riding high on her much anticipated single, ‘Home Run’, the singer soulstress is set to sizzle the charts. Her vocal prowerss similar to Jennifer Hudson is tempered with femme swag:) Its that good.

Expect heavy breathing, drum rolls and lots of body movement.


AB is another fresh voice on the soul music scene. Hailing from Washington D.C on the back of his free project,Prologue Vol. 1, AB is certain to make an impact. The 6 track EP beautifully covers tracks from Nate Turner, Chaka Khan and Shuggie Otis. He owns the all time classic, ‘Strawberry Letter’ with lovers-rock gusto, doing Shuggie Otis massive justice.You can grab the track here for free.


It’s a cold and rainy night here in the city of Abuja:( What to do?Where is the party at?Whoosh..

Still,it doesnt mean we dont have some funky tunes to warm up your saturday night and keep it live:)
The legendary soulstress, Jill Scott gets a trance nu-soul/pop do over of her track ‘Come See Me’ remixed by B-sharp. This is among several other remixes of her work on a compilation titled Crates Remix Fundamentals Vol 1.


While are dear President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is grooving with the exotic ladies of Brasil this weekend, it is only fitthing that we, the inglorious masses, have or own slice of Latin soul tunes this Friday to dampen the political tension.

Lets have a look through the e-crate shall we?

The Popular People’s Front is an anonymous group of musical radicals whose objective is to return to creative sampling of an array of genres. ‘I Love Only You’ of the EP Sample Pleasure Party is best described as a freshly pressed Latin disco cut. Listen out for that soothing disco flute rift at the beginning of the track.Aces.

Another Good Friday it is. Stay safe and enjoy;p


While Dbanj is off on his deluded quest to dominate the US market, Wanda Coal keeps churning out hit after hit on the homefront. Its been long you saw me is a fire grade of a track. You can smell the infusion of naija pop with traditional hausa music from the percussion. A robust tune for a world class night out on the town this Easter Weekender.