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To all the Abuja peeps! Come on down and check out the mouthwatering food extravaganza, “Feast for Peace,” Abuja’s biggest food event of the month. It starts from 12-7PM and is situated at the Botanical Gardens off IBB Way Maitama.

The event is organised in collabaration between Abuja Foods and the Nigerian Red Cross Society. Proceeds will be usesd towards helping refugees in Nigeria. Dont snooze so come out and chop!

Onto the music stuff.

Pearson Sound edit of the classic 1993 house track from Harddrive ‘deep inside’ is a foot stompper. The resounding 90s chicago juxe patterns and resonating vocals are almost hypnotic. Most def a top refix for 2011.



Shito Din or Shito as it is commonly referred to in several Ghanaian dialects is ubiquitous in Ghanaian cuisine. Shito sauce comprises mainly of dried fish, vegetable oil, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. Perfect with any cassava based meal. Especially for all you pounded yam lovers.

Unfortunately it seems the supermarkets here don’t have it, and with no Ghanaian comrade insight to coerce into whipping up a pot we will just have to cook it ourselves.

Here is the blueprint

onions (blended)
tomato puree
blended cayenne pepper
shrimp (powdered)
herrings (powdered)
salt (to taste)
fish seasoning (relative to quantity)
1. Fry blended onions till brown (not burnt) 10 mins on medium heat
2. Fry your tomato puree next and please don’t add any water since that will result in the shito going bad after only a short while 5 mins on medium heat
3. add pepper in next. Use powdered pepper. Fry for another 10 mins till the sauce is well cooked.
4. you may want to add you salt and seasoning at this time. You can use any fish seasoning such as maggi or royco.
5. At this point, you can put in your powdered fish ( Herrings & Shrimp) stir continuously till you get a fine brown colour. For another 15 mins on low heat.
* shito requires a lot of oil so you might want to be generous with your oil during the preparation.
* stir continuously to prevent it from burning since burnt shito has a particularly bitter taste.

2010 in Abuja ended with tragedy as bombs rocked The Abacha Barracks in Asokoro and, allegedly, a Church in Jikwoyi. Being out and about town last night, I immediately proceeded home, cutting short any plans to celebrate the New Year. Such is life.

So what did we have in 2010?The unending financial bailouts; ;Mark Hurd’s ungraceful yet amusing departure from HP;South Africa hosting the world cup; and Sanusi Lamido’s epic verbal decimation of the (not so bright but comical) Senate Committee.

Before I check out for the day, I thought I’d review the caffe-latte and club sandwich at Salamander. Stay away from the caffe-latte. Not only was the consistency terrible, leaving you with the feeling of drinking concrete, the glass it comes in looks like a beer jug! I suggest you stick to their Americano for your safety.


The chicken club sandwich however is a must. I opted for brown bread to put their skills to the test. I was impressed. The bread was lightly toasted; the chicken succulent and the vegetables were not too overbearing with a hint of barbecue sauce. Good chips to.

Had to sneak this in.You can’t have a New Year without Prince jamming you into it.