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If you’ve been following us here at Wazzos you would’ve spotted that I’m a huge supporter of Jason Jermaine. The man is one of the realest people you will ever meet in the London urban music scene. Fact! Going by his latest moniker, Jodie Abacus, his latest single,’I’ll Be That Friend’, is slowly catching steam on the airwaves.

Sounding what could have been a collaboration between the Beatles and Stevie Wonder – Jodie Abacus delivers a punchy heartfelt performance, that would lighten up a rainy day. Definitely a feel good track for the summertime. We salute you, mate!

Check it out below



Ibadan, 1963.

The city was full of cosmopolitan energy. Many starry eyed intellectuals flocked  to it – enthusiastically looking to make a name for themselves shortly after Nigeria’s Independence.

Life was good and care-free.

Today we are going to delve into some juju music which was popular at the time.

The track below is from one of the Godfathers of Juju music, Chief I.k Dairo & His Blue Spots Band. This is a medley of two of his tracks called,  “Angelina” & “Hungry For Love”.