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Neo soul renaissance man, Maxwell has finally returned with a new album.

After releasing Black Summers’ Night in the summer of 2009, he promised his fans that it was the first part in a trilogy of albums. After seven years after the first part, the this album will also mark the 20th year anniversary of his debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite.

When asked about his album in an interview with ESSEENCE, he said:

“I’m so hyped about the new album coming out, which is so exciting for me, because it’s fresh and it’s different, but it is what I do. It doesn’t make you feel like, oh, yeah, that’s going to come out in 1996. You’re not going to feel that. At least I hope you don’t. (Laughs.)”

One of the singles of the album ‘1990x,’ has been released in a form of a lyric video.  The song is meticulously crafted with a huge catchy hook, sultry sentiments and his signature falsetto voice.

If this track is any indication, part II of the Black Summers Trilogy has been well worth the wait.





If you’ve been following us here at Wazzos you would’ve spotted that I’m a huge supporter of Jason Jermaine. The man is one of the realest people you will ever meet in the London urban music scene. Fact! Going by his latest moniker, Jodie Abacus, his latest single,’I’ll Be That Friend’, is slowly catching steam on the airwaves.

Sounding what could have been a collaboration between the Beatles and Stevie Wonder – Jodie Abacus delivers a punchy heartfelt performance, that would lighten up a rainy day. Definitely a feel good track for the summertime. We salute you, mate!

Check it out below


In need of something chilled to tuck into tonight.

Include Dornik, to your list of British artists to look out for. This smooth crooner, a former drum player for Jessie Ware, expertly mixes, pop, electronica, and RnB in interesting ways. ‘Something About You’, his new single, is carousel of West Coast influenced electro-soul. Envision low riders, sun kissed mansion and pools of a turqoiuse nature being spun together. You can definitely feel some early MJ thrown in for good measure to give it that extra spice vocally.

Definitely hitting the bliss point.


Summer-Summer-Summertime. Which means more love and greater tuneage.

(Ex) X factor contestant and vocal misfit Misha B is definitely one to watch out for this summer. Riding high on her much anticipated single, ‘Home Run’, the singer soulstress is set to sizzle the charts. Her vocal prowerss similar to Jennifer Hudson is tempered with femme swag:) Its that good.

Expect heavy breathing, drum rolls and lots of body movement.


AB is another fresh voice on the soul music scene. Hailing from Washington D.C on the back of his free project,Prologue Vol. 1, AB is certain to make an impact. The 6 track EP beautifully covers tracks from Nate Turner, Chaka Khan and Shuggie Otis. He owns the all time classic, ‘Strawberry Letter’ with lovers-rock gusto, doing Shuggie Otis massive justice.You can grab the track here for free.


Sam Sparro is an undeniable favourite for the 80s music connoisseur.

Coming out of his brief hiatus, his much anticipated LP, Return To Paradise , is certainly taking no prisoners. The album further explores his romance with a disco/funk/electronica sound. Lack luster for some, the album certainly exposes Sparro in a tamer more mature form.Less whackyness and more composed if you will.

Track 11,’Return to paradise’, is the black horse off the album. Its lyrical smoothness and deep futuristic soul is magnetic. (Sex)ual, on automatic. Enjoy.


Its been a while since Tiombe Lockhart brought out some solo stuff.

The Atlanta born Neo soul singer/songwriter well known for her collabs with Platnium Pied Pipers (PPP) recently formed an electronic funk group called Cubic Zirconica with Nick Hook and Daud Sturdivant.

Here is a track titled ‘Mr. Johnny Walker’ from 2005. Best described as an Ella Fitzgeraldesque song with a southern swing mellowed with a hint of electronic bleeps.



Rising RnB star Frank Ocean is celebrating his own (Independence Day) these days. Releasing a post which was originally supposed to be in line with his upcoming album, Channel Orange, he describes his bi-sexuality.

However you want to read into this, Frank has made a very brave human statement in an industry drenched in misogynistic and homophobic dogma that has left very little room for Rnb/hip hop acts to express their sexuality. Only time will tell whether this will hurt his career or lead to a wider acceptance of his music from a more liberal diverse generation of RnB lovers.

Happy Independence Frank. Pyramids.


Smooth chilled moments this sunday afternoon with this gem to keep you fixed to your deck chairs.

Late Night Tough Guy (LNTG) is somewhat of an internet sensation. Known for his killer edits of popular tracks, his production skills and impeccable songs of choice, its a no brainer that he has gathered a huge fan-base.

His edit of Janet Jackson’s 90s classic ‘Thats The Way Love Goes’ stays true to the original, breathing new air into it. Pure sugar..


When faced with the dilemma of choosing an experimental artist, may we recommend this fine underrated singer.
Jhelisa is her name.

Once a former label mate of Bjork and the Shamen in the new wave hay days of the early 90s, this rasta haired priestess released her critically acclaimed album ” Galactica Rush”, which includes her best known song “Friendly Pressure” a classic left-field soul favourite of many Djs in Lagos at the time.

What is striking of Jhelisa is her lyrical depth and ability to calmly traverse an array of genres, leaving listeners in an embryonic state of mind. You cant help but think what other artists slipped under the raydar. A real treat to end the day.