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Keeping up with the latest dance moves from Africa can be seriously exhausting. One moment you are on that Azonto tip then you wake up the next day to find out that Skelewu is what’s hot at the moment.

Thankfully, de centre de danse urbaines au Sengal, have put together this cool A-Z of African dance moves that are reigning.

I’ll be working on my Coupe Decale and Flekele this weekend 😀




It has been quite a while since we’ve seen a school of lyrical Kung fu to match the might of the Wu – Tang clan. Until know..
They are called Makongo, an Angolan rap group that hail from the streets of Luanda and are well respected in the Kuduo music scene.

‘Angolan Kung Fu’ is a demonstration of their devasting rap delivery as they pulverize their audience with their iron-fisted brand of Kuduro. They are savage and make no apologies for their lust for lyrical domination. You have been warned…avenge us!


Kuduro sensation Buraka Som Sistema has done it again. The Portugal based electronic dance group has got the music community stark crazy over the video for their new track ‘Hangover’.

Dominated by a single syllable chorus,the video has included a sequence of green-screen images of a kid jumping off a building and a drunk doing the cobra.

The playback effect coupled with bright colours,spandex asses, and stage humping will leave you dazed. We suggest you dont blink.


Finally a post on Kuduro music! Cabo Snoop aka Ivo Manuel Lemus is a performer to watch out for this year. This tall lanky eccentric homeboy is causing serious heat.His video “windeck” is a rip roaring, hip trusting orgy of Angolan dance steps. Honestly, some of those moves look like the guy is about to snap like a twig! Look out for the MJ slide as well. Cabo Snoop beams with charm and positive energy which makes the video a sure favourite for Kuduro lovers or first timers. Almost cute in a ghetto-tastic way. Wazzos is not sure what “windeck” means, but it 100% get your booty shaking.Windeck!