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Miss Azealia Banks is a hottish rapper,singer and lyricist from the depths of Harlem signed to Interscope Records. Known on the streets under her alias ‘Miss Bank$’ her debut single “212” feat Lazy Jay, topped in several Euro countries and is featured on a number of mixtapes.

Think Nicky Minaj meets Queen B under gamma ray conditions…scary:)



To all the Abuja peeps! Come on down and check out the mouthwatering food extravaganza, “Feast for Peace,” Abuja’s biggest food event of the month. It starts from 12-7PM and is situated at the Botanical Gardens off IBB Way Maitama.

The event is organised in collabaration between Abuja Foods and the Nigerian Red Cross Society. Proceeds will be usesd towards helping refugees in Nigeria. Dont snooze so come out and chop!

Onto the music stuff.

Pearson Sound edit of the classic 1993 house track from Harddrive ‘deep inside’ is a foot stompper. The resounding 90s chicago juxe patterns and resonating vocals are almost hypnotic. Most def a top refix for 2011.


Well its TGIF so its time to have a good time.

Thought I brush up an old rough short mix to give you guys an idea of one of my sets. Electro/Booty Bass/brasilia funk on this one.

Will DJ for booze,loose change, and delicious plantain chips in ABJ and Las Gidi! Peace out.


Well. What a refreshing minute. So what’s new in sunnyville?

The Federal Republic of Nigeria welcomed back its incumbent president, Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan to office last week. Not only was inauguration a well attended (let’s kiss the president’s ass) affair, it was a telecommunication disaster as all mobile phone networks were shutdown within the FCT making it impossible to make any calls till about 10.30 pm.

Was there a public announcement about this or a follow-up apology from the higher ups? OF COURSE NOT!!!! Thats just how we roll folks. Under the pre text of national security. Mind you, blackberry messenger was somewhat operational. Coup by blackberry perhaps? Just playing.

On to some tuneage.

Cool cat Hudson Mowhawke has released a new single called ‘Thunder Bay’ just in time to kick of the summer. All you end up seeing and hearing from this are sweaty movements induced from trombone bass swaggering funky mixed with a healthy touch of glitch. Oh yes. The summer looks good for Hudson.

Bringing that B-more gutter sound this morning post TGIF.

Deejay Breakerm & Tito Tron are on point with this ghetto tech banger sampling the Pharoah Monch classic ‘Simon says’. Its fast like a stingray and sweet in bass and 100% anti-war. Not sure for compatibility with flower power though. Hands up!


Kuduro sensation Buraka Som Sistema has done it again. The Portugal based electronic dance group has got the music community stark crazy over the video for their new track ‘Hangover’.

Dominated by a single syllable chorus,the video has included a sequence of green-screen images of a kid jumping off a building and a drunk doing the cobra.

The playback effect coupled with bright colours,spandex asses, and stage humping will leave you dazed. We suggest you dont blink.


Thank God for suya at yahooza and cold malt. In this heat you feel like if your cooking a three course meal under your shirt. But what the heck, the weekend is here.

The selection of tracks is quite a cocktail. Certified by Wazzos for quality control of course. It includes the Prince howling Sam Sparro, Claire Hux, 360 feat Pez and a remix of Beataucue’s ‘cha cha cha’ courtesy of the uber cool Daniel Haaksman.

Now to find a bath-tub full of ice and zobo!


I’ve never been a huge fan of dub-step but I continue to observe the scene. Perhaps it has to do with the number of pimple face middle class kids who swamp the nights, wearing their freshly acquired street gear, washing out any credibility of the sub-genre. But I digress.

‘Foot-Crab’ by Bristol DJ Addison Groove is short of nothing less then an anomaly. Its infectious repetitive vocals, juxe reference and firm 808 cowbells are super tight. Addison also chucks in a hint of atmospheric house and a dash of grime that leaves you sweating on the dance floor for more prescription.