Well, would you look at that. I survived another Valentine’s Day. Hi fives to all my fellow gladiators of singledom.

For all of those still basking in the after glow of the most romantic day in the year, I thought I’d throw in a music video of feel good song from Nakhane Toure, one of South Africa’s rising artists. This folk pop crooner blurs the lines of depression, death, love and the wonderful confusion that is life. Behind his somber presence, Nakhane Toure does have a playful side.

‘Christopher’, a guitar driven love song from his second album ‘Brave Confusion’, hits both your feet and your heart strings. I dig how the video is set in the neighbourhood that he lives in as he goes about his daily routine, singing about his love for his boyfriend, while throwing down some dance moves in between for the camera.

Hm. I guess I’m mushy on the inside too.

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