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Something a bit on the alternative side.

Solana Rowe, otherwise known as SZA is a bit of an odd ball in the contemporary neo-soul scene. Her music is often described as alternative RnB, mixed with minimal soul, hip-hop and chillwave. She cites several of her influences, including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Billie Holiday and even Wu-tang.

‘Teen Spirit’ is quite an ethereal piece exploring the concepts of the many stages of abandonment and desperation.

Have a listen.

The video is also full of hipster cool too.



Coffee with plantain is always a winning combination if you ever need a little pick-me-up

The Ibeyi’s Yoruba Doom Soul is my pick of the day.

The french Afro-Cuban sisters, daughters of the famous Cuban percussionist, Miguel ‘Anga’ Diaz, are cutting a path for themselves, serving up spiritual sounds mixed with hip-hop, electronica and Yoruba lore from Nigeria.

Channeling their musical energy from their Afro-Cuban heritage, the twins see themselves as part of a new breed of musicians seeking to push the boundaries of the music scene in the African Diaspora.

Below is their video for a track titled ‘Rivers’, dedicated to the the goddess Oshun, the mother of the Ibeyi which means “twins” in Yoruba.

Welcome back to Wazzos people! Sorry for hitting the hay to the tail end last year. Had my brother’s big fat Nigerian wedding to help out with. For those of you who haven’t been to one, you should. Murder to plan but one great party.

Anyway (sob), enough of the teary stuff. 2013 awaits!!

Big Krit, Rapsody, 9th wonder and Heather Victoria in the studio last night made this track. Krit and 9th wonder used twitter to release it via the Jamla soundcloud page. No info on whether this record will see a release date yet but its definitely worth checking out. 9TH Wonder always provides that signature soulful sound that is sorely missing in hip-hop today.


Lupe Fiasco’s (new song and video) “Bitch Bad” stirs the hip-hop world this week. The track explores the myrid complexities of the use of the B word and the humilating process of blackface that many black actors had to go through. The video revolves around a young girl and a boy who interpret and internalize the phrase from their own side of the spectrum.

You cannot help but feel Lupe’s subliminal jab at Nicky Minanj and Young Jeezy throughout the video.

Sadly, the track is probably heading to the underated box but will be a memorable socio-cultural anthem in years to come.


Hip hop royalty Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco have decided to lock horns on the classic track T.R.O.Y. The issue remains unresolved with no sign of ending as the fellas continue to exchange insults via twitter and other mediums.

One can understand Pete Rock’s grievances, T.R.O.Y is a timeless piece which holds ‘sentimental’ value to him. However, as he does not own the publishing rights his locus standi is pretty weak. Seriously Pete, chill out. I hope the squabble is put to bed and quick. A collab from these two would be (a)ces.

Anyhow here is a link to Lupe Fiasco take on the classic gem. Listen.


Miss Azealia Banks is a hottish rapper,singer and lyricist from the depths of Harlem signed to Interscope Records. Known on the streets under her alias ‘Miss Bank$’ her debut single “212” feat Lazy Jay, topped in several Euro countries and is featured on a number of mixtapes.

Think Nicky Minaj meets Queen B under gamma ray conditions…scary:)


Well its TGIF so its time to have a good time.

Thought I brush up an old rough short mix to give you guys an idea of one of my sets. Electro/Booty Bass/brasilia funk on this one.

Will DJ for booze,loose change, and delicious plantain chips in ABJ and Las Gidi! Peace out.


Kooley High are a funny bunch. The North Carolina based group released their new single, “Freak”, featuring the New York Emcee The Kid Daytona and DJ Prince on production. The cut is a chilled out vibe featuring some sweet sampling of Lucy Pearl’s classic track, “Dance Tonight”, with vocals at the end. Its the sort of track you can start the morning hustle to and keep going. Enjoy:)


After a relaxing evening at a book reading event dubbed Infusion, a question that has rattled on for several months finally gave way to a full blown rant. What the hell happend to Nigeria’s band culture?

Now I know many of you may shout about Jazz sessions at hotels such as Nicon or Topview,but what Im really getting at is there are literally no bands on the charts.

Not only that, we live in a time were the trend is auto-tuned singers/rappers and gbansky beats which more or less continue to define Nigeria’s sense of music identity. This makes the road for guitar swinging artists like Bez and co quite bumpy in gaining home support.

However in S.A, bands are really taken off in a big way. This hip hop band called Tumi and The Machine Volume are pure gold.

The video for the their track ‘Asinamali’ is rich vintage B&W piece that is funky,rocked out, and uber raw, as it explores the dynamics of the band and everyday hustle. A leaf of inspiration to be taken for aspiring bands from our side of the river.

In a music industry awashed with fashionista wannabes,its hard to spot those who strike the right balance between music and style. We think we’ve found something. His name is Baron.

Baron is an eclectic creature inspired by 80s hip-hop, new wave, rock and alternative sound. At first glance, he may strike you as a modern day version of Hot Chocolate before proceeding to kick you in the nuts,blending his energetic vocals and songwriting talent to create a phenomenal glow to his music.

His music vidoe ‘Party with B’ is chic dark journey through the packed corridors of the underground party scene of New York city. Sure you can hang?