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The sort of religion I only practice.

The Father (The Club/Party)

The Son (The DJ)

And The Holy Ghost (The Groove)

All is well.



Lord, Abuja is dusty today..

If you need to catch a quick audio high before the week rolls in, look no further. We’ve got something for your feet, courtesy of Slam Dunk’d, the new alias of legendary producer Arthur Baker, who produced for the likes of Bod Dylan, New World Order and African Bambaataa. Baker is back and he has pulled out an old disco track that he worked on back in 1979 titled ‘Cant Put No Price on Love’. Initially it was meant for another artist but the track never made the cut.

After 35 years of languishing in the vault, Baker sends the song to MSTRKRFT to remix it and reaches out to Chromeo’s Dave 1 to lay down some vocals. The result is ‘No Price’, which you can hear below. What comes out of this trinity is simply disco heaven – built to warm you up during the Harmattan season. The release date is still to be announced but you can per-order your copy below.


Happy New Year Folks!

Hope everyone is having a great start to 2015.

Last year was a bit of roller coaster which left me with little much time to attend to the blog or even organize a follow up to our new night called Tropical Soul in Abuja. More info on that coming soon.

My New Year resolution? Find more time to relax and post up stellar sounds. Let’s hope I stick to it.

Let’s get started.

If you are like me who loves a good guitarist then you will appreciate the artist I’m about to mention. His name is Jesse Johnson, the once lead guitarist of the infamous 80s funk band out of Minneapolis called The TIME.

Once said to be equal if not better to Prince, he never quite made it as a solo artist. However, he does have some hits to his name such as ‘Be Your Man’. Here is him performing it live on a radio show 20 odd years later. No lip syncing – no auto-tune – just him and an overexcited presenter jumping in the shot.

Get it.

When it comes to future funk, nobody does it quite like Jamie Lidell. The English born resident of Nashville has never failed in delivering gut moving soulful hooks over seductive experimental productions. His latest track ‘You Naked’ is from his self titled album ‘Jamie Liddell’ out Feb 18/19.

Not a 100% on the trench rocking throwback but the track is definitely sub-zero slick!


Sam Sparro is an undeniable favourite for the 80s music connoisseur.

Coming out of his brief hiatus, his much anticipated LP, Return To Paradise , is certainly taking no prisoners. The album further explores his romance with a disco/funk/electronica sound. Lack luster for some, the album certainly exposes Sparro in a tamer more mature form.Less whackyness and more composed if you will.

Track 11,’Return to paradise’, is the black horse off the album. Its lyrical smoothness and deep futuristic soul is magnetic. (Sex)ual, on automatic. Enjoy.


Mateo Gonzalez a.k.a Bufi is a talented musician and DJ. Hailing from Mexico, he describes his music as, “house and disco fused with airy pop”. Enjoy a few of his tracks including the afro-centric inspired electro track, ‘Nigerian Car Accident’ and the hip swaying cracker with La Royale ‘Michael’, plus a few others.


Chau.Akwa Zafi in the FCT!!

I got to take my hat off to Funkineven. Stevie J the man behind the alias continues to disintegrate dancefloors with his distinct sound in the emerging genre of future funk.

‘Phone line’ is another one of his power team-ups with Swedish soul diva Fatima. The heavy bleeps and sexy drum patterns coupled with Fatima’s agent provacateur vocals ups your temperature by three dials. Hope you got a towel.

Forthcoming on Eglo Records.


Well its TGIF so its time to have a good time.

Thought I brush up an old rough short mix to give you guys an idea of one of my sets. Electro/Booty Bass/brasilia funk on this one.

Will DJ for booze,loose change, and delicious plantain chips in ABJ and Las Gidi! Peace out.


The hiatus is over and we are eager to share with you some new sounds from the crate.

To kick start the lovely month, UKs rising new face in house music Ossie is making waves under the banner of the urban music label Hyperdub . The track ‘Moves’ is obese with knee jerking drum patterns and a truckload of synthersiser goodness. This is the sort of stuff you would wrench open and pray to the Divine that you’ll still have your shoes on after its over.

Happy September folks!


Its tropical rain galore here in Abuja and boy does it pour. The best bit about the rain is the freshness that follows afterwards. That earthy smell,which automatically tilts your head back and inhale the untouched parts of nature is unbeatable.So what do we have in the goodie bag for you TGIF freaks?

Now this is beaut.EVM which seems to be one – man production house dropped this blazer of a tune just recently dubbed ‘Groove Content’. It’s a brilliant mix of funky breaks,electronica,futuristic soul, held together with a hypnotic vocal loop. Beefy.