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hot kitchen

London based crooner, Jason Jermaine has been a busy man. His new EP, The For Real Life Not Pretend,  is a clear indication of his persistence to keep true to his soul music roots, paying little or no attention to the mainstream.

The video for the single, Hot Kitchen, has a thumping bass-line with Coca-Cola bottom shaped bottles and other suggestive sexual innuendos parading around.

Sure to keep the audio appetite of any R’N’B connoisseur happy.




pm dawn

2016 has been  a brutal year for the passing of iconic culture stars.

I’m still trying to grapple with the death of Prince. Sadly, I got the news of the passing of Attrell ‘Prince B’ Cordes, one of the co-founders of the rap duo called P.M Dawn.

For those of you who can fondly remember the early 90s, P.M Dawn was a permanent fixture on the radio waves. They were the first black hip-hop group to top the Billboard 100 with their single “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss,” which hinged on a sample of Spandau Ballet’s classic “True.”

P.M Dawn went on to achieve critically acclaim with some of their albums and inspire many other artists of contemporary hip-hop such as Outkast and Tribe Called Quest. 


I’ll really miss Prince B. He made it cool to be weird – a trait i can identify with. Its a shame he had to die of diabetes but its also serves as a painful reminder about how short life is.

Underrated but certainly not forgotten.




The sort of religion I only practice.

The Father (The Club/Party)

The Son (The DJ)

And The Holy Ghost (The Groove)

All is well.