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Keeping up with the latest dance moves from Africa can be seriously exhausting. One moment you are on that Azonto tip then you wake up the next day to find out that Skelewu is what’s hot at the moment.

Thankfully, de centre de danse urbaines au Sengal, have put together this cool A-Z of African dance moves that are reigning.

I’ll be working on my Coupe Decale and Flekele this weekend ­čśÇ




Coffee with plantain is always a winning combination if you ever need a little pick-me-up

The Ibeyi’s Yoruba Doom Soul is my pick of the day.

The french Afro-Cuban sisters, daughters of the famous Cuban percussionist, Miguel ‘Anga’ Diaz, are cutting a path for themselves, serving up spiritual sounds mixed with hip-hop, electronica and Yoruba lore from Nigeria.

Channeling their musical energy from their Afro-Cuban heritage, the twins see themselves as part of a new breed of musicians seeking to push the boundaries of the music scene in the African Diaspora.

Below is their video for a track titled ‘Rivers’, dedicated to the the goddess Oshun, the mother of the Ibeyi which means “twins” in Yoruba.


Ibadan, 1963.

The city was full of cosmopolitan energy. Many starry eyed intellectuals flocked ┬áto it – enthusiastically looking to make a name for themselves shortly after Nigeria’s Independence.

Life was good and care-free.

Today we are going to delve into some juju music which was popular at the time.

The track below is from one of the Godfathers of Juju music, Chief I.k Dairo & His Blue Spots Band. This is a medley of two of his tracks called, ┬á“Angelina” & “Hungry For Love”.


While Dbanj is off on his deluded quest to dominate the US market, Wanda Coal keeps churning out hit after hit on the homefront. Its been long you saw me is a fire grade of a track. You can smell the infusion of naija pop with traditional hausa music from the percussion. A robust tune for a world class night out on the town this Easter Weekender.