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Sunday just keeps getting better. After a bad ass cardio session I decided to hit the web for a quick looksy on what new sounds are trending. Okay Africa is always a good place to start.

I present to you The Ibibio Sound Machine, an eight piece band that is dedicated to revitalizing Afro funk for the 70s & 80s with firm foundation in electronica. The band’s front lady, Eno Williams,  a British songstress of Nigerian heritage, writes her songs based on folklore from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria that her parents would tell her as a kid.

Your body can’t help but runaway to, “The Talking Fish (Asem U Sem Iyak). The plucky guitar rhythms and slinky percussion, and wonky electronics is reminiscent of the Nigerian disco-funk music movement of the 1970s.

We need to get them down to Abuja ASAP!


Wunmi is known within popular circles as an incredible dancer, singer and poet. She has performed with a wide variety of muscians, creating a mix of Afro-beat, Broken Beat and Soulful House vibes, with hints of the 70’s Fela Kuti sound.

The video for her afro-jamming track ‘ Crossover’, addresses the question of identity and the worries of artistic integrity. A track to get you set for the week ahead.


Digging through the digital crate, we found this gem of an LP called ‘Lagos’ by french afro-beat/Jazz band Zaka Percussion. Apart from having an uber cool cover, it does a wonderful job of celebrating the city’s sites and sounds.
Dangerously groovy and most certainly should be used for an ad campaign. Well, Governor Fashola?


Some days we just want something a little different. Most of the music in Naija is predominately ‘feel good music’which is popularly referred to by the masses as ‘joloff music’.

With lots of rice going around, alternative nigerian music is a developing taste which radio is giving some room for. Naeto C ‘Share My Blessings’ is probably the biggest song in this scene right now. Different from the norm, Naeto C pours out his emotions on the fleeting nature of life the blessings that comes with it. The song also displays the sultry voice of Asa who adds her own spice to the infectious drum-line pounding track. An awesome team-up which Wazzos hopes will lead to more such artists coming together to make great music.


Super fresh as ever! Mogwanti Wa Pitori delivers a thumping drum-roll that is synonymous with Kwaito music. The chorus sounds like a chant from a latin-house track and the female vocals in the breakdown could pass for baile funk. Would go down a storm in PLAY perhaps?


Finally a post on Kuduro music! Cabo Snoop aka Ivo Manuel Lemus is a performer to watch out for this year. This tall lanky eccentric homeboy is causing serious heat.His video “windeck” is a rip roaring, hip trusting orgy of Angolan dance steps. Honestly, some of those moves look like the guy is about to snap like a twig! Look out for the MJ slide as well. Cabo Snoop beams with charm and positive energy which makes the video a sure favourite for Kuduro lovers or first timers. Almost cute in a ghetto-tastic way. Wazzos is not sure what “windeck” means, but it 100% get your booty shaking.Windeck!