After a relaxing evening at a book reading event dubbed Infusion, a question that has rattled on for several months finally gave way to a full blown rant. What the hell happend to Nigeria’s band culture?

Now I know many of you may shout about Jazz sessions at hotels such as Nicon or Topview,but what Im really getting at is there are literally no bands on the charts.

Not only that, we live in a time were the trend is auto-tuned singers/rappers and gbansky beats which more or less continue to define Nigeria’s sense of music identity. This makes the road for guitar swinging artists like Bez and co quite bumpy in gaining home support.

However in S.A, bands are really taken off in a big way. This hip hop band called Tumi and The Machine Volume are pure gold.

The video for the their track ‘Asinamali’ is rich vintage B&W piece that is funky,rocked out, and uber raw, as it explores the dynamics of the band and everyday hustle. A leaf of inspiration to be taken for aspiring bands from our side of the river.