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Coffee with plantain is always a winning combination if you ever need a little pick-me-up

The Ibeyi’s Yoruba Doom Soul is my pick of the day.

The french Afro-Cuban sisters, daughters of the famous Cuban percussionist, Miguel ‘Anga’ Diaz, are cutting a path for themselves, serving up spiritual sounds mixed with hip-hop, electronica and Yoruba lore from Nigeria.

Channeling their musical energy from their Afro-Cuban heritage, the twins see themselves as part of a new breed of musicians seeking to push the boundaries of the music scene in the African Diaspora.

Below is their video for a track titled ‘Rivers’, dedicated to the the goddess Oshun, the mother of the Ibeyi which means “twins” in Yoruba.



Its been a while since Tiombe Lockhart brought out some solo stuff.

The Atlanta born Neo soul singer/songwriter well known for her collabs with Platnium Pied Pipers (PPP) recently formed an electronic funk group called Cubic Zirconica with Nick Hook and Daud Sturdivant.

Here is a track titled ‘Mr. Johnny Walker’ from 2005. Best described as an Ella Fitzgeraldesque song with a southern swing mellowed with a hint of electronic bleeps.



Miss Azealia Banks is a hottish rapper,singer and lyricist from the depths of Harlem signed to Interscope Records. Known on the streets under her alias ‘Miss Bank$’ her debut single “212” feat Lazy Jay, topped in several Euro countries and is featured on a number of mixtapes.

Think Nicky Minaj meets Queen B under gamma ray conditions…scary:)


Introducing THEEsatisfaction a fresh duo comprised of Stasi Irons (Stash) and Cathrine-Harris White (Cat). The nubian duo first emerged last year and have released their first album ‘awe natural’ and are set to tour. Their latest cut Queens is a delicious neo soul cut that celebrates the sisters. Nothing short of a pseudo lesbionic jam to the ears.Get some.


When faced with the dilemma of choosing an experimental artist, may we recommend this fine underrated singer.
Jhelisa is her name.

Once a former label mate of Bjork and the Shamen in the new wave hay days of the early 90s, this rasta haired priestess released her critically acclaimed album ” Galactica Rush”, which includes her best known song “Friendly Pressure” a classic left-field soul favourite of many Djs in Lagos at the time.

What is striking of Jhelisa is her lyrical depth and ability to calmly traverse an array of genres, leaving listeners in an embryonic state of mind. You cant help but think what other artists slipped under the raydar. A real treat to end the day.


The age of superhumanoids is upon us. Little is known about the L.A four piece band who only recently got together to combine electronica,glitch and good old fashioned instrument bashing.

The lead vocalist Sarah Chernoff cooes like a moody hummingbird with an atmospheric persona reminscent of Tori Amos. You’d really struggle to place their sound with the rest of the bands out their, which is exactly how they like it.

The Mirrors (Captain Cuts & GROUPLOVE) remix is euphoric and has an excellent build up to some glitch-pop moments to get you swaying.