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One more week to the presidential debate in Nigeria.

I must say, I’m really looking forward to watching the candidates address some (hopefully) serious issues. They will certainly have to work for my vote this time round if they expect me to leave the comfort of my bed come February 14th.

On with today’s post.

So it’s Friday and we need to shake a leg or two and nothing does it quite better like good vogueing music from the the Sound Factory days circa 1990.

Check out this track from Eliis D titled, ‘Just Like A Queen’.

The repetitious rhythms, high-hats, and cowbells are almost spiritual.

My Friday high has officially been achieved! #WERQ



Ellis D is well known within the New York underground scene for being one of the fathers of Vogue music. Vogue is pretty much jacking house mixed with crack for good measure – drawing influence from disco and chicago house. Never enjoying abudent mainstream success – a few artists of the likes of Madonna and Beyounce have referenced heavily from it. Even little Willow Smith – whipping her hair around is a testament to its continual relevence.

The track is primarily an instrumental looped with a sexy mantra. Its heat is infectious and will get you shaking like an STD.