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“To talk trash about a friend or acquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect. When throwing shade it’s immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, and not the throwee, is the bitchy, uncool one.”



Inner Monologue:

“I wonder whether I should get a crown or a tiara when I declare myself King of the Gambia.”

“I can’t wait for the confetti!”

Jean Bedal Bokassa would be oh so proud..

Its finally here folks. Bino and fino – an african kids cartoon hailing from Nigeria.

Bino and Fino revolves around the adventures of the loveable twins that live with their grandparents, Papa and Mama in a modern city in Africa. Produced by EVCL, Bino and Fino provides an ethnical diversity to children’s programs for an afro-centric audience and those of african heritage worldwide.

I’ve got my copy. Do you?

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Wieden and Kennedy London and electro-funk outfit Chromeo have released
the world’s first musical SatNav voice for Nokia, and consequently the
world’s shortest album.

This sweet device allows one to record friends and family on SatNav to be the guiding voice of their SatNav. Chromeo lends a hand using their own voice-app to record an album of 55 songs. Each song is between 5-10 seconds.

Imagine Dbanj,Wizkid or LYNXX as your SatNav voice? Osha to the left oh I beg!!