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Our soundbite of the day comes from the funk cat, Jay Kay, the enigmatic front man of the British funk/acid jazz band Jamiroquai. Too Young To Die was their second single from their debut album, Emergency on Planet Earth. The original version runs for 10:18 but was cut for the album version.

One of my favourite DJs, Late Night Tough Guy (LNTG) transforms the classic, giving it a summery laid back groove while at the same time staying true to the original.

I know a daddy to be in Uganda who will be dancing up a storm to this one!




Man, is it hot today in Abuja.

But on that note, nothing puts a smile to a face like the sound of TGIF 🙂

Today we are going to be taking a dip in the Funk 45 bin for some rare groove sounds. This gem is called ‘Grease Wheels’ by a band called Smokin Shades of Black. Very little can be found on this group which is sad as the horn section on this track is to die for. Raw energy. No frills.

So get to body stepping ;D

When it comes to future funk, nobody does it quite like Jamie Lidell. The English born resident of Nashville has never failed in delivering gut moving soulful hooks over seductive experimental productions. His latest track ‘You Naked’ is from his self titled album ‘Jamie Liddell’ out Feb 18/19.

Not a 100% on the trench rocking throwback but the track is definitely sub-zero slick!

Hello Abuja/Naija/World,

Thought we kick off this Ramadan month with a track from the great rhythmic revolutionary, Idris Muhammad.

Recording with jazz legends like Ahmad Jamal and Grover Washington, he earnt a reputation for his distinct RNB syncopations to jazz. As a leader of a band he recorded classic cuts such as “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This” and “Booggie to the top”.

Check out his romper stomper of a disco -soul groove, “turn this mutha out”. Pure class:)

Enjoy and happy Ramadan!


It’s a cold and rainy night here in the city of Abuja:( What to do?Where is the party at?Whoosh..

Still,it doesnt mean we dont have some funky tunes to warm up your saturday night and keep it live:)
The legendary soulstress, Jill Scott gets a trance nu-soul/pop do over of her track ‘Come See Me’ remixed by B-sharp. This is among several other remixes of her work on a compilation titled Crates Remix Fundamentals Vol 1.


2012 is running fast in Naija!
Lets recap.Subsidy removal, unthinkable bomb attacks, and nationwide discontent. Some how, Nigeria soldiers on despite its reoccuring bouts of madness. On to some music.

Showing almost zero love for the funk, 2012 was definitely a year to renew our vows. On the plate we’ve got an obscure funk band for the 70s dubbed Manzel. Manzel would find much fame decades later with numerous hip-hop producers and break-beat collectors.

‘Space Funk’ comes off with an interstellar vibe that is great for just kicking back and grooving. Organic and cosmically entrancing, you can find no fault in this tune.


Time for that feel good TGIF moment so pull out your tea cup and follow these instructions:


1. One scoop of Instant Powder Mocha Mix.
2. one spoon Espresso Decafinated Crema
3. Hot damn water.
4. One Sweetner

Conclusion: Delicious and straight aces. On to some music.

Famous Brazilian Jazz guitarist and composer Arthur Verocai legendary piece ‘Pele Sombras’ is among one of the defining songs of Brazilian Jazz. Accompanied by the rusty soulful vocals of Carlos Dafe, they perform this classic for the Timeless series. 30 years on it still has the ability to teleport you to sun kissed skies with high velocity. A truly awesome classic for a good Friday in the FCT.

Vanessa williams, well known for the show Desperate Housewives and being the first black-american woman to be crowned ‘Miss America’ is a jack of all trades. Having courted a music career which panned out in the 90s her artistic notoriety was in the 80s at the height of her position as a fashion icon.

Her LP ‘The Right Stuff’ is a solid rnb/funk 80s tune with a stylish music video that resonates the energy of this period. A frequent caller on Wazzos vinyl decks. So..(licks lips)…voulez-vous venir avec moi?


‘Ahead of their time’ is a much used phrase to describe The Sisters Love. In 1980 New York DJ Danny Krivit released an extended eight-minute cut-up of a track called “Give Me Your Love” by The Sisters Love. Already legend among rare groove and disco lovers, this track attracted a new generation of fans. So much so, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams sampled the guitar chords for their famous duet ‘ Doing It For The Kids’.

So kick back,relax, and just groove baby!



The 80s had alot of famous singer/songwriters throwing down classic tunes on the tables of their fellow contemporaries.

Now no matter how much of an MJ fan you are, if you know your 80s you will admit that Prince had it down so far as it came to songwriting. One such ocassion was when Prince wrote the song ‘Wouldnt You Love To Love Me’, a romantic 80s funk love ballad which was originally meant for MJ on the Bad album. MJ for whatever reason rejected the song which consequently ended up on the lap of the beautiful songstress/novelist from Minneapolis, Taja Sevelle.

The video glows with the feel good factor of the 80s. Uber flailing 80s synths and jamming saxaphone melodies.MJ missed out on this one.