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The sort of religion I only practice.

The Father (The Club/Party)

The Son (The DJ)

And The Holy Ghost (The Groove)

All is well.



Sunday just keeps getting better. After a bad ass cardio session I decided to hit the web for a quick looksy on what new sounds are trending. Okay Africa is always a good place to start.

I present to you The Ibibio Sound Machine, an eight piece band that is dedicated to revitalizing Afro funk for the 70s & 80s with firm foundation in electronica. The band’s front lady, Eno Williams,  a British songstress of Nigerian heritage, writes her songs based on folklore from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria that her parents would tell her as a kid.

Your body can’t help but runaway to, “The Talking Fish (Asem U Sem Iyak). The plucky guitar rhythms and slinky percussion, and wonky electronics is reminiscent of the Nigerian disco-funk music movement of the 1970s.

We need to get them down to Abuja ASAP!


Chau.Akwa Zafi in the FCT!!

I got to take my hat off to Funkineven. Stevie J the man behind the alias continues to disintegrate dancefloors with his distinct sound in the emerging genre of future funk.

‘Phone line’ is another one of his power team-ups with Swedish soul diva Fatima. The heavy bleeps and sexy drum patterns coupled with Fatima’s agent provacateur vocals ups your temperature by three dials. Hope you got a towel.

Forthcoming on Eglo Records.