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This is a killer session with keyboardist/singer Daryl Hall of the former musical duo Daryl Hall and The Oates, and Chromeo, jamming it out with his band at his house. Their live rework of the groups classic 80s hit ‘I Cant Go For That’ is a perfect marriage of airy electro-funk,rock and roll and rhythm and blues.

Daryl sound just as awesome when the record was pressed in 1981 and is a shining example of no matter how much mileage you end up clocking,good music simply transcends. Love it when he tells P – Thug to clinch the last bits of the track with some talk-box loving.



Its Easter Friday. For some reason, an unsustainable need to devour french fries and a bono fide Yank burger has come about. For this, an American styled diner in the FCT would be a welcomed addition. Till then people, we have Dune burgers.
Lets get to it.

Shuggie Otis is the musical guru of the week. Born in 1953 of hellenic heritage to the famous rnb and blues legend Johnny Otis, Shuggie was influenced as a muscian by countless blues and soul legends in his father’s circle. Being a child of the 70s he naturally gravitated towards popular artists of his generation such as, Jimi Hendrix, and,Sly and the Family Stone. He first come to notority, when he released his second EP ‘Freedom Flight’ in 1971 which features the hit single ‘ Strawberry letter 23’, which was later covered by the Brother Johnsons, and shockingly, recently by Akon.
‘Inspiration Information’ produced in 1974 would certainly be on the top 10 soul laden tracks for this Easter weekender while driving around town – spreading flower power all across the nation.