Something a bit on the alternative side.

Solana Rowe, otherwise known as SZA is a bit of an odd ball in the contemporary neo-soul scene. Her music is often described as alternative RnB, mixed with minimal soul, hip-hop and chillwave. She cites several of her influences, including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Billie Holiday and even Wu-tang.

‘Teen Spirit’ is quite an ethereal piece exploring the concepts of the many stages of abandonment and desperation.

Have a listen.

The video is also full of hipster cool too.



Behold, surface dwellers! Jason Momoa will be returning to the silver screen as Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s anticipated movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Snyder broke the news late last Thursday night, tweeting the first image of the actor as the classic king of the seven seas. My fear once hearing that Mr. Drogo had been selected was how they were going to handle the transition of the comic book character to the big screen without him coming off ‘naff’.


Judging by Snyder’s direction his look is anything but classic . The blond – Caucasian, orange clad Aquaman of the comic books has been dumped for a dark edgy imposing monarch, draped in body tattoos with a scraggly beard – invoking the image of Neptune of ancient mythos.

The king of Atlantis will only be making two appearances in the movie but we will be able to catch him in two Justice League films as well as his own stand alone movie which are under development.

The future of DC movies looks promising.



Feeling a tinge of nostalgia today before work starts. It was great to be a kid in the 80s. I swear, we had the best cartoon shows to date. She -Ra, Dangermouse, Voltron, and M.A.S.K just to say a few.

Tell me Thundercats didn’t change your life every time it popped up on the tele. *Hands in the air*.


Stumbled upon this dancehall riddim that references a few well known lines from the series before the bass absolutely mashes it up. Turn up your speakers for maximum enjoyment.

No details on who it’s by so far but feel free to shoot me some info if you come across it.

#junglecats #moves #abuja



“To talk trash about a friend or acquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect. When throwing shade it’s immediately obvious to on-lookers that the thrower, and not the throwee, is the bitchy, uncool one.”


Well, would you look at that. I survived another Valentine’s Day. Hi fives to all my fellow gladiators of singledom.

For all of those still basking in the after glow of the most romantic day in the year, I thought I’d throw in a music video of feel good song from Nakhane Toure, one of South Africa’s rising artists. This folk pop crooner blurs the lines of depression, death, love and the wonderful confusion that is life. Behind his somber presence, Nakhane Toure does have a playful side.

‘Christopher’, a guitar driven love song from his second album ‘Brave Confusion’, hits both your feet and your heart strings. I dig how the video is set in the neighbourhood that he lives in as he goes about his daily routine, singing about his love for his boyfriend, while throwing down some dance moves in between for the camera.

Hm. I guess I’m mushy on the inside too.

#Awkward #Confusion #Beautiful


In need of something chilled to tuck into tonight.

Include Dornik, to your list of British artists to look out for. This smooth crooner, a former drum player for Jessie Ware, expertly mixes, pop, electronica, and RnB in interesting ways. ‘Something About You’, his new single, is carousel of West Coast influenced electro-soul. Envision low riders, sun kissed mansion and pools of a turqoiuse nature being spun together. You can definitely feel some early MJ thrown in for good measure to give it that extra spice vocally.

Definitely hitting the bliss point.


#Jozi #Escape #Crazy #Weather #Dailylife #DailyGrind  #Urban #Wena #SA


Our soundbite of the day comes from the funk cat, Jay Kay, the enigmatic front man of the British funk/acid jazz band Jamiroquai. Too Young To Die was their second single from their debut album, Emergency on Planet Earth. The original version runs for 10:18 but was cut for the album version.

One of my favourite DJs, Late Night Tough Guy (LNTG) transforms the classic, giving it a summery laid back groove while at the same time staying true to the original.

I know a daddy to be in Uganda who will be dancing up a storm to this one!



I was happy to see a couple of familiar faces at salsa on Friday at Casalinda.It always helps me blow off some steam after a long week.

Unfortunately, the BBQ event at the Sarius Palmetum, was a bit dry. We got to spot for 5PM and the food was still not ready with very few people in attendance. We blew off into the night for a drink at Traffic an hour after.  Hopefully, it kicked off much later in the evening.

Going with something light today. This is  a rework of a classic Brit soul track from Loose End’s called ‘Feel The Vibe’.

Definitely to be played with your feet up drinking something cold.



One more week to the presidential debate in Nigeria.

I must say, I’m really looking forward to watching the candidates address some (hopefully) serious issues. They will certainly have to work for my vote this time round if they expect me to leave the comfort of my bed come February 14th.

On with today’s post.

So it’s Friday and we need to shake a leg or two and nothing does it quite better like good vogueing music from the the Sound Factory days circa 1990.

Check out this track from Eliis D titled, ‘Just Like A Queen’.

The repetitious rhythms, high-hats, and cowbells are almost spiritual.

My Friday high has officially been achieved! #WERQ