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Looking for a comic store in Abuja can be an exhausting enterprise.

If you’re fortunate, you may find an unmolested issue of Spiderman or G.I Joe from 93′, crushed against the weight of several Mills & Boons novels at NEXT Supermarket.. Happy days!

Thankfully, I got my hands on a couple of digital comics from a friend and have been doing the rounds to see what’s hot in the comic world.

So it looks like Marvel decides to reboot Venom’s image in The Guardians of The Galaxy #23. Flash Thompson, the current wearer of the symbiotie (which is not a real word) has been deemed worthy by the Klyntar (which is not a real race) of becoming an  agent of the cosmos and is further endowed with more abilities to fight in the symbiote wars. So, he is sort of the equivalent of a super traffic warden with a stun gun, to keep those unruly Abuja drivers in check.

The artist,,Valerio Schiti, seems to be going for a mech appearance, inspired probably from the armour of the Destroyer in Thor. One things for sure, It certainly doesn’t scream approachable.

Check out this sketch that he posted below.