Lord, Abuja is dusty today..

If you need to catch a quick audio high before the week rolls in, look no further. We’ve got something for your feet, courtesy of Slam Dunk’d, the new alias of legendary producer Arthur Baker, who produced for the likes of Bod Dylan, New World Order and African Bambaataa. Baker is back and he has pulled out an old disco track that he worked on back in 1979 titled ‘Cant Put No Price on Love’. Initially it was meant for another artist but the track never made the cut.

After 35 years of languishing in the vault, Baker sends the song to MSTRKRFT to remix it and reaches out to Chromeo’s Dave 1 to lay down some vocals. The result is ‘No Price’, which you can hear below. What comes out of this trinity is simply disco heaven – built to warm you up during the Harmattan season. The release date is still to be announced but you can per-order your copy below.