Well. What a refreshing minute. So what’s new in sunnyville?

The Federal Republic of Nigeria welcomed back its incumbent president, Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan to office last week. Not only was inauguration a well attended (let’s kiss the president’s ass) affair, it was a telecommunication disaster as all mobile phone networks were shutdown within the FCT making it impossible to make any calls till about 10.30 pm.

Was there a public announcement about this or a follow-up apology from the higher ups? OF COURSE NOT!!!! Thats just how we roll folks. Under the pre text of national security. Mind you, blackberry messenger was somewhat operational. Coup by blackberry perhaps? Just playing.

On to some tuneage.

Cool cat Hudson Mowhawke has released a new single called ‘Thunder Bay’ just in time to kick of the summer. All you end up seeing and hearing from this are sweaty movements induced from trombone bass swaggering funky mixed with a healthy touch of glitch. Oh yes. The summer looks good for Hudson.