Ever since the dawn of comic books, good has always triumphed over the forces of evil. From Super-man to Batman right down to the Green Arrow. Heroes protect the world, but what of the day come when they fail?

Enter The End League, a series under Dark Horse Comics, written by Rick Remender and pencilled by Matt Broome with inks by Sean Parson. The comic focuses on the struggles of a band of superheroes in a world ruled by super-villains who have enslaved the rest of the human race.

Remender’s story-telling is incredibly dark as he explores the symbiotic relationship that exists between the two forces, referencing well known archetypes in comic book history. There is a significant amount of character building which enables you to quickly become familiar with the characters. This is only further enhanced with the skill of Matt Broome and Sean Parson as they paint a bleak post-apocalyptic world with very little humanity left.

With sequence of interesting twists and turns, End League is definitely stand-alone work and is to be exemplified.

The whole series can be bought on trade paperback (TPB) in two volumes.