Darey the Nigerian soul-crooner known best for his song ‘I Like The Way You Are’ is deserving of all his accolades. However his experimental flare has landed him in a bit of mess in his latest Hausa-electro rap track,’Ba Ni Kidi’.

Aside from the modern cinematography and wonderful circus shots, the video comes off a bit watery. Though a novelty in Nigerian music, many other rnb/hip hop artists have tried their hand at potraying the ‘Cirque Le Freak’ and ended up in the realm of comic relief. Here lies the quagmire.

There is just too much going on in this video for you not to strain your attention while trying to absorb an electro party with Darey being the head ‘ Alhadji’ ringmaster. Hats off to anybody who can spot the political double entendre in the video.Being quirky is nice but the execution is critical.