Lazy Beyonce.

Before you Beyonce babes chew and destroy the candy store lets analysis the diva’s position right now.

After her experiment with alter-ego Sacha Fierce fizzled out with the rise of Lady Gaga’s brand of fashionista euro-pop for the American market, Beyonce has lost her mojo. It has been a while since we’ve had a ‘Crazy In Love’ to go mental about…so what’s next? Soca and dancehall hybrids. Enter Diplo.

London based producer/DJ Diplo and artist Vybez Cartel blazed the club scene with explosive track ‘Pon De Floor’ in 2009. A favourite at the last London Carnival and a frequent track on 93.5 Cool FM.

It makes sense for Bee to go down this route. Soca and booty bass music is becoming increasinly popular in the music scene so why not jump on that horse? Problem for many is that she quite literally takes the whole song and sings over it, adding nothing new.It would have been interesting to see what would have come about if Diplo and Beyonce teamed up to do a track. The only solace that one has is that the music video will certainly be sick. Is the shop still intact?

Glorified Plagarism next.