Tonight is the topic of band music. Who does it for? Do you even listen to bands? Here in Abuja, it seems that band culture has gone the way of the brontosaurus. prehistoric. Although an exaggerated analogy, some people do listen to well known foreign bands. Cold-play, Nickleback, Maroon 5, are among the favourites of the teens here. However, the palate of most of the cool kids lean towards what is popular in the U.S and not so much the alternative.

Presenting ‘The Invisible’, an indie/rock band from London, fronted by the singer and guitarist David Okumu, a long time member of the London Jazz gang. With friends Tom Herbert (bass & synths) and Leo Taylor (drums) their extensive touring of London laid the path for their glorious album in 2009. Their third single ‘London Girl’ has become infamous and well received. The artistic direction of the music video of the single would be nothing short of ‘noir ace’. The sound is rich, live, and full of indie-funk.