Well folks, only two days to election time. Those who tuned in last night to watch the presidential debate organised by (NEDG) ahead of the elections for 2011 would be feeling puzzled about now honestly. The debate which lasted for about an hour, had Mr. Jonathan, the candidate of the ruling People’s Democratic Party as the only participant following the withdrawal of the other invited candidates.

The trio withdrew their participation from the NEDG’s debate following the failure of Mr. Jonathan to attend the presidential debate earlier organised by NN24.

GEJ when questioned as to his absence at the debate organised by NN24 replied “that the president does not have the luxury of time to attend all debates.” What was to be an explosive event fizzled into lost opportunity to see exactly what steel our leaders are made of. Sour stuff but time for the good news.

Lets get to it.

Lvovo Derango is the musical find of the day. Situated in Durban, this cool Kwaito cat fuses what can only be described as classic soulful house with Kwaito rhythm. All that is missing is the palm wine and bush meat!