Research in Motions’s (RIMM) Playbook, a 7-inch tablet with Wi-fi connectivity, arrives April 19. Three models will be made available and vary based on internal storage capacities, 16, 32, 64 GB. Rim has set the price at $499, $599, and $699, respectively. RIM has lined up more then two dozen retailers that will carry out the tablets.

Though competitively priced, Apple lovers will spot out the lack of applications and a lower 1024X600 resolution than the Apple Tablet. But tablets can’t be judged on specification alone; user experience and even the portability of the device are factors to consider.

The device supports on-screen multitasking, so a video can be playing while you can be fiddling with another application on another screen. End users may find this a distraction having multiple apps running at the same time which begs the question of its competitive advantage.

RIM has all the right strategy when it comes to pricing and availability, but it still needs to fit the remaining pieces of the puzzle. One thing is for sure, Wazzos is definitely getting one!