Shito Din or Shito as it is commonly referred to in several Ghanaian dialects is ubiquitous in Ghanaian cuisine. Shito sauce comprises mainly of dried fish, vegetable oil, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. Perfect with any cassava based meal. Especially for all you pounded yam lovers.

Unfortunately it seems the supermarkets here don’t have it, and with no Ghanaian comrade insight to coerce into whipping up a pot we will just have to cook it ourselves.

Here is the blueprint

onions (blended)
tomato puree
blended cayenne pepper
shrimp (powdered)
herrings (powdered)
salt (to taste)
fish seasoning (relative to quantity)
1. Fry blended onions till brown (not burnt) 10 mins on medium heat
2. Fry your tomato puree next and please don’t add any water since that will result in the shito going bad after only a short while 5 mins on medium heat
3. add pepper in next. Use powdered pepper. Fry for another 10 mins till the sauce is well cooked.
4. you may want to add you salt and seasoning at this time. You can use any fish seasoning such as maggi or royco.
5. At this point, you can put in your powdered fish ( Herrings & Shrimp) stir continuously till you get a fine brown colour. For another 15 mins on low heat.
* shito requires a lot of oil so you might want to be generous with your oil during the preparation.
* stir continuously to prevent it from burning since burnt shito has a particularly bitter taste.