The 21st century is a precarious era. With millions of stimuli to keep us occupied and an ever increasing work culture, finding time to date is proving to be a challenge. In Tokyo, office-workers complain of almost zero time to socialize which has resulted in the proliferation of dating websites to solve the issue. Got to love a county with a killer work ethic,that they actually have a term for working yourself to death called ‘Karoshi’.

Dating over here isn’t a walk in the park either. Being the hopeless romantics that we are, dating has been elavated to a gladitorial death -match between the sexes. Blood must be spilt in the name of love you know? The endless wooing,the constant quest to find the one or ‘ones’ to abate the vacant feeling we’ve been told must be addressed by the raft of romcoms we watch everday.

With all this mind,lets chair a scenario. Tunji, a mild mannered assistant to a director at BPE and Nneka, a beautiful gutsy yet soft-hearted banking trainee at Fidelty Bank Ltd. have been going on dates for the last two months. Now Tunji has been an absolute gentleman, taking Nneka to out to all sorts of places. After all, Nneka is top-notch girl who will accept no less. All his friends want her but have not been able to crack her barriers. Tunji bears the shakara. Nneka knows this she is fronting for this gentleman..but why? Why try keep him at a distance? She tells her friends that this is her usual stratergy that guarantees her victory. Her friends are more then happy to concur with her.

Nneka is actually confused and scared. This is the first guy she has dated that she feels could be the ‘one’. Unfortunately, her continued tactics leads to Tunji breaking up with her. She is distraught and has called Tunji a thousand times to confess her undying love for him. No dice and there will never be a second shot.

So what is Wazzos saying? We should never mark up our value in this competitive market? Not at all. Know your value. You are unique in your on way. Don’t be afarid to let down your guard. Sometimes you just have to be vulnerable to realise that the person you’ve been shakaring is the one. We all have baggage and BS, it just depends on what brand your carrying;) Happy Sunday.