Pretty much how he feels at the end of every season:)

Guy: Hey babe.
Girl: Hi.
Guy: What’s up now? I was thinking about you all weekend.
Girl: I’m okay sha.
Guy: How was your weekend?
Girl: It was just there oh.
Guy: I didn’t do much this weekend except go to Yemi’s pool party in Wuye.
Girl: For real? It must have been live. So what’s the situation?
Guy: What?
Girl: You promised me a dinner at Lifecamp remember.
Guy: Ahh Babe. Didn’t tell you? My Zenith account is frozen indefinitely till next week. Can you imagine this ish. Anyways…

That ladies and gentlemen, is the gist for valentine. That day of endless romance for the one you adore,lay,or vibe with emotionally. It seems like only yesterday when valentine was a do-or-die affair, but these days, it is more of a social nuisance to the fast moving, sophisticated denizens of the metropolis.

Think it through. The wine, the chocolates, the dinner by the pier and even the type of roses must be factored in to woo your lover on that special day. Not in Naija. We are not a romantic nation. Ladies, work with me. Do you really think we are going to spend 5k to go to Soho Lounge for a valentine special or get you expensive cupcakes when Wine Shop is just a stone throw away? Ohh the temptation!

Imagine the spectrum of emotions floating round the evening skies of Abuja. In Wuye, a school girl spreads herself on her queen size bed, chatting away on her blackberry with her friends about her turbulent love life; a couple, tired from a romantic walk in Millinium Park, take to their seats in Wakkis to have dinner to renew their love; and a banker, in Kubwa, creeps into the kitchen to surprise his wife with flowers and wine to express his unending amour.

But seriously people. Spend a little on that special someone to mark the day. It only comes once a year, so make the most of it. Wazzos is feeling mushy right now. Love is in the air and Cupid is a busy boy!!