Tron was a bit like marmite this night. You don’t know whether to utterly love it or hate it. My mind still runs wild with the thought as to what the Whacowiski Brothers would have come up with if they were the directors. Sleek, intelligent and probably dark like Peruvian chocolate. Perhaps..

Now this, I’ve been waiting for. Das Racist – described as a weed oriented Hare Krishina/folky hip-hop group composing of Queen’s resident Himanshu Kumar Suri, San Francisco homeboy Victor Vazquez, and Queen’s born new comer to the group, Ashok Kondabolu.

Operating off the grid, these boys reside on the clouds of Nirvana dishing out some serious rhymes with a laid back flow.
The track ‘Ek Shaneesh’ stinks with desi flavour fused with a sexy bassline to capture the essence of the day-to-day life of ethnic Americans. Wierd and extremely trippy.

P.s What’s the deal with the fat guy in diapers?