After a needed hiatus – I’ve returned to campus life in dusty Bwari.

There is nothing fancy about the life out here.Cold showers that rattle the bones,food that only stomachs of steel can handle and the endless reading.

However,the politics of dating here keeps us entertained. A mate of mine asked for my opinion on a girl on campus.

Empathically,I warned him to avoid this femme fatale if he still has aspiration to continue existence. Truly, there is nothing more killing to a guy’s toasting then to hear a girl mouth off about how her father treats her like a “princess”.

Now,ladies.We love you.But you really have to level out these cantankerous ideas girl flicks put in your head.Its a market place.Be pragmatic!
Don’t demand a Rolls Royce from a guy who can only afford a Kia.Remember.Daddy hustled for his

The syndrome is prevalent and requires a certain prescription of tough love to negate. Perhaps if girls here were encouraged more to go out and make their own from an early start,they would cut some slack from the dating game.

Lucky for Wazzos.If it aint a comic or a cheesecake,it don’t make sense.

P.s Why the hell was I wearing my summer hat for last night at Le Liga anyway?