Regardless of the blistering Harmarttan, Abuja is somewhat hot today. A flood of policemen, SS and other forms of obtainable security have washed across the city for the PDP primaries. All roads to Eagle Square have been blocked for the event. That is the way politics works over here. An Epic start to the race with usually unsatisfactory results.

Rule 101 of politics over here is there are simply no rules. Anything is possible when one runs for the seat of power. Even Sun Tzu would find the Art of waging political war in Nigeria perplexing.

Atiku, PDP aspirant, has been a busy man. With the shortest amount of time to campaign amongst all the candidates, he has shown his skill as a political animal. A political animal knows no discrimination when it comes to securing votes. That’s why it should come as no real shock that gays under the National Gay Forum have expressed their support for the former Vice President.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday at the Agura Hotel in Abuja, spokesmen of the group, Victor Labelle said the group were only expressing their fundamental human right of freedom of association as obtainable in the West. Like I said – raw politics. This election may prove to be interesting after all.

Dropping Nigerian politics down to lighter affairs,Chilly Gonzales “You Can Dance” is the track of the day. A stew pot of Motown soul, electro-funk,and disco creating a catchy feel good pop song featured on his album Ivory Towers produced by Boys Noize.

The music video is quite simple. A close up of numerous derrières shaking to the beat. Fun and works well.