It’s another day in ABJ and I swear it is getting colder. A friend of mine in Kaduna told me how he has to layer up like an Eskimo to brave the mornings. Global warming anyone?

Went to my local Zenith branch today and indulged in my usual gladiatorial style of vying for the attention of a cashier to cash my check. Honestly. The counter to customer experience is ridiculous. The opaque marble interior, humongous counter and notorious lack of line-policy in Nigerian banks makes it a free for all at the counter, which only leads to pandemonium and favouritism. And another thing, why is it so rare to find happy cashiers? Is it is me or do they all look like they are on the verge of going loco and whacking(shooting) anyone in site. Tis a tough job it is.

Today’s finds for the eve is a track from the 80s from Howard Johnson called ‘Lets Take Time Out’. Blissful funk laden synths with an ultimate sense of abandonment when the weekend comes riding through. Rated 18 for funk lovers