2010 in Abuja ended with tragedy as bombs rocked The Abacha Barracks in Asokoro and, allegedly, a Church in Jikwoyi. Being out and about town last night, I immediately proceeded home, cutting short any plans to celebrate the New Year. Such is life.

So what did we have in 2010?The unending financial bailouts; ;Mark Hurd’s ungraceful yet amusing departure from HP;South Africa hosting the world cup; and Sanusi Lamido’s epic verbal decimation of the (not so bright but comical) Senate Committee.

Before I check out for the day, I thought I’d review the caffe-latte and club sandwich at Salamander. Stay away from the caffe-latte. Not only was the consistency terrible, leaving you with the feeling of drinking concrete, the glass it comes in looks like a beer jug! I suggest you stick to their Americano for your safety.


The chicken club sandwich however is a must. I opted for brown bread to put their skills to the test. I was impressed. The bread was lightly toasted; the chicken succulent and the vegetables were not too overbearing with a hint of barbecue sauce. Good chips to.

Had to sneak this in.You can’t have a New Year without Prince jamming you into it.