Mali Balani – Coupe Decale and Fantasia Bread

Nothing beats Christmas, the time of year were everyone seems to loose control in the perpetual pursuit of buying the perfect gift for their loved ones. Driving through the heat stricken streets of Abuja, you could feel the festive tension. I stopped over at Grand Square at Amino Kano Crescent to get some supplies only to be greeted by a mob of hungry people set on clearing out the bakery. Knowing our stellar reputation for patience and politeness, the bread counter soon became a place of brawling,showing very little space for good will to mankind.All for the love of Fantasia bread!

I came across Balini,a strain of Malian Coupe Decale. Very quickly for a 101 lesson, Coupe Decale is the popular music of Cote d’ Ivoire, driven by deep bass, minimal guitar chords, and wonky synth patterns that you hear at a West African wedding or function.

Balini has faster drums, easy on the guitar and melodies played on the Malian Bambara xylophone, the Balafon which the dance gets its name from.
DJ Senateur is one of the most popular artists of the genre.

The video is packed with dance styles that look like a cross between quick foot, salsa, and some ample free styling. Watch for the guy in the grey sweater. Dangerous!

Merry Christmas!