Time for the 1st comic book review of the year.

Uhuru: Legend Of The Windriders by Adeniji Jnr, A. Adeniji, and Obende is the flagship comic of Comic Bandit based in Lagos. The story follows the adventures of a super-hero team comprising of Exodus, Rotunda, Harridan, Bushbaby, and Sage as they battle the mystic forces of evil that seek domination over the continent.

Issue one comes in swinging hard with tightly done illustrations of fight scenes, hulking evil humanoid monsters, and a punchy storyline that makes for a good read. Hopefully, issue two should be in the pipeline soon.


Two afropop tracks to look out for are from the artist called Di’ja. Her song Dan’Iska (Rudeboy) feat. Maytronomy is a saucy club banger with some Hausa lingo to spice it up. She definitely deserves mad props for being the first female artist to do it so well. On “Hold On (Ba Damuwa)” Di’ja shows here more soulful side and deliver a positive message.

Here is a link to Hulkshare to get the tracks. Spread the love.

When it comes to future funk, nobody does it quite like Jamie Lidell. The English born resident of Nashville has never failed in delivering gut moving soulful hooks over seductive experimental productions. His latest track ‘You Naked’ is from his self titled album ‘Jamie Liddell’ out Feb 18/19.

Not a 100% on the trench rocking throwback but the track is definitely sub-zero slick!

Welcome back to Wazzos people! Sorry for hitting the hay to the tail end last year. Had my brother’s big fat Nigerian wedding to help out with. For those of you who haven’t been to one, you should. Murder to plan but one great party.

Anyway (sob), enough of the teary stuff. 2013 awaits!!

Big Krit, Rapsody, 9th wonder and Heather Victoria in the studio last night made this track. Krit and 9th wonder used twitter to release it via the Jamla soundcloud page. No info on whether this record will see a release date yet but its definitely worth checking out. 9TH Wonder always provides that signature soulful sound that is sorely missing in hip-hop today.


Ajebutter 22 and Taymi who form the duo sho fro have come up with a great nigerian bass track titled “Senrenre”. Lord knows that it’s been long overdue for this fusion of afro-pop and bass love:)

Try standing still to this. I double dare you…


Lupe Fiasco’s (new song and video) “Bitch Bad” stirs the hip-hop world this week. The track explores the myrid complexities of the use of the B word and the humilating process of blackface that many black actors had to go through. The video revolves around a young girl and a boy who interpret and internalize the phrase from their own side of the spectrum.

You cannot help but feel Lupe’s subliminal jab at Nicky Minanj and Young Jeezy throughout the video.

Sadly, the track is probably heading to the underated box but will be a memorable socio-cultural anthem in years to come.

Hello Abuja/Naija/World,

Thought we kick off this Ramadan month with a track from the great rhythmic revolutionary, Idris Muhammad.

Recording with jazz legends like Ahmad Jamal and Grover Washington, he earnt a reputation for his distinct RNB syncopations to jazz. As a leader of a band he recorded classic cuts such as “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This” and “Booggie to the top”.

Check out his romper stomper of a disco -soul groove, “turn this mutha out”. Pure class:)

Enjoy and happy Ramadan!


Summer-Summer-Summertime. Which means more love and greater tuneage.

(Ex) X factor contestant and vocal misfit Misha B is definitely one to watch out for this summer. Riding high on her much anticipated single, ‘Home Run’, the singer soulstress is set to sizzle the charts. Her vocal prowerss similar to Jennifer Hudson is tempered with femme swag:) Its that good.

Expect heavy breathing, drum rolls and lots of body movement.


AB is another fresh voice on the soul music scene. Hailing from Washington D.C on the back of his free project,Prologue Vol. 1, AB is certain to make an impact. The 6 track EP beautifully covers tracks from Nate Turner, Chaka Khan and Shuggie Otis. He owns the all time classic, ‘Strawberry Letter’ with lovers-rock gusto, doing Shuggie Otis massive justice.You can grab the track here for free.


Sam Sparro is an undeniable favourite for the 80s music connoisseur.

Coming out of his brief hiatus, his much anticipated LP, Return To Paradise , is certainly taking no prisoners. The album further explores his romance with a disco/funk/electronica sound. Lack luster for some, the album certainly exposes Sparro in a tamer more mature form.Less whackyness and more composed if you will.

Track 11,’Return to paradise’, is the black horse off the album. Its lyrical smoothness and deep futuristic soul is magnetic. (Sex)ual, on automatic. Enjoy.


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